Men At Work March 20, 2018

Putting the Pipes Together

We are in the process of developing purposeful tactile programs for our male residents which utilises their dexterity and hand eye coordination. During our research we have discovered some great interventions which we are adding to our repertoire of ideas. One particular idea struck us as being a creative and therapeutic for our male residents.

Utilizing PVC piping and associated PVC fittings the males residents assemble the pipes in any form they like.

We approached our friends at Bunnings for any off-cuts they may have lying around and were lucky enough to have Bunnings donated some small off-cuts and fittings which we could use.  We placed the lose pieces in two boxes and asked the residents to assemble them into any form they liked. One thing lead to another and our male residents began putting pieces together as they would if they were putting them together in their own back yard. The idea is to have a kit available in the garden room and one also in the men's wing for the carers’ to give to some of our male residents if they are looking for an activity to do to keep them busy.