From Terri’s Desk - Director of Nursing July 1, 2017

Welcome to our winter edition of Wavelength. I am already longing for a return of warmer days.

Since our last newsletter, we have submitted our kit for our Accreditation Audit to be conducted on the 18th , 19th  & now also the 20th of July.  Just advised of the additional day on the 22nd of June. If you wish to meet with the auditors, please advise me of the day and time that would best suit you, so a booking can be made, or just come in and I know the auditors will be happy to meet with you and complete a “Consumers 'Experience Report”. All meetings will  of course be confidential.

No one came up with the solution to my little puzzle in the last edition—What is the shortest word in the English language that contain the letters ABCDEF ?  The clue was it is something we seek at Kimberley – the answer is FEEDBACK.  I may not have been given the answer, but I do hope you will all continue to give feedback on all     aspects of our services. Thank you to all who complete our surveys and attend Committee Meetings or just pop your heads in my door, your feedback and support is greatly appreciated.

I hope you have all had your annual flu vax to keep you fit and healthy during the winter months. Residents and staff were vaccinated in May.

We welcome our new Physiotherapists  - the  dynamic duo of Jade and Charlotte, it is great to have them on our team.

You will soon get to meet Ollie, a delightful border collie and his owner Pete. They are volunteers from Animal Companions and all they want to do is share the joy of their dogs with people who can not have a dog of their own. Ollie and Pete will visit on a weekly basis.

The Government Aged Care Dental Team will be here on Friday July 21st & Wednesday August 9th to conduct their annual free oral screening.

Until next time we catch up, stay warm, healthy & happy.      

Cheers Terri

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