Events and Activities at Kimberley July 12, 2017

It’s been a very busy few months at Kimberley. We've hosted a number of resident events which serve as an interactive tool for residents to socialise with each other, their families and other generations.  The highlights have been Easter celebrations, Anzac Day commemorations, Mother’s Day, and welcome to the little ones, “Kindy Visits” to name a few. As well as these, you’ll find more stories about the goings on at Kimberley below.

To the families, staff and community members who join us at the events I wish to thank you for helping us improve the lives of the people we care for.

Kindy Visits

Our lifestyle co-ordinator Sara Fatemain is in contact with local kindy groups and arranges visits to Kimberley. This provides a great opportunity for residents and children to intermingle and communicate. A number of games have been designed to create a safe environment so that each generation feel comfortable sharing their stories and having fun.

Park Outings

Conveniently located across the road from Kimberley, is Cowden Park.

The park is popular with local families and their dogs and our diversional therapy team make good use of the park during the warmer days. Residents have the opportunity to escape the confines of Kimberly and enjoy a cup of tea and cake in the sunshine.

Do you care to dance?

Sit dance, is dance sitting down. It is designed for those who do not have the confidence to stand, or have a fear of falling. It simulates resident’s memory, changes their moods and re-engages residents to move. It is more than just exercise. It is dance!

Sitdance selects popular songs of yesteryear, makes meaningful choreographies that express the lyrics. This holistic and integrated approach provides auditory, visual, and physical stimulation that moves body and soul.

Meaningful and known movements engage cellular memory in the muscles. This reduces the reliance on brain memory, enabling elders with dementia to participate.

The team at Kimberley are always searching for new methods to engage our residents. We are happy to say that the residents are enjoying this activity.  Sit dance will be a part of our monthly program helping the residents with physical and mental stimulation.

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